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Library Fines and Fees

Library Cards are blocked from further use when fines or fees reach $10.00. This will result in the loss of borrowing privileges. Card Balances in excess of $50.00 are referred to collections after 60 days of non-payment. 

Overdue Fines vary depending on the item. 
• General Library Materials: $.20 per day 
• DVDs and Beyond Books: $1.00 per day 
• Interlibrary loans: $2.00 per day 

Library Fees vary depending on type of fee. 
• Missing RFID tag: $1.00 
• Non-Maricopa County Resident Fee: $40.00 
• Collection Agency Fee: $15.00 
• Returned Check Fee: $25.00 plus bank fee 

Library services costs vary depending on the service. 
• Black and White prints or photocopies: $.25 per page 
• Color prints or photocopies: $1.40 per page 
• Bus pass: Please contact the library
• Meeting Rooms: $30 per hour
• Book bags: $3.00 per bag 
• USB drives: $10.00 each 
• Earbuds: $6.00 each 
• GED books (English & Spanish): $20.00 each

Updated 6/28/2022 10:33 AM
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