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Elementary School Safety Program

Avondale Fire and Medical provides the highest level of safety related public education in our diverse community. We have an experienced public educator who promotes easily recognizable fire and life safety strategies. These strategies prepare Avondale students and residents for life success.

We offer:

  • Safety education for Preschool through Third grade students
  • Lesson plans which meet current Arizona Department of Education Health standards.
  • National Fire Protection Association fire safety curriculum.
  • Topics include:
    • Smoke alarms and Home Fire Escape Plans
    • Fire Safety
    • CPR/First Aid
    • Water Safety
    • Caring for Younger Siblings
    • Bike and Helmet Safety
  • Free training is available for community organizations in CPR, First Aid and the use of fire extinguishers.
Updated 11/3/2022 2:07 PM